Picked from around 200 applicants I won a coveted British Science Association media fellowship in 2012.  I was placed with the Science Editor Dick Ahlstrom at the Irish Times in Dublin. During my fellowship I feel I experienced the full spectrum of science journalism: interviewing people, attending press conferences and writing news and feature articles.  Dick was a great tutor who vastly improved my writing style!  After 3 weeks writing for the newspaper in Dublin, I spent a week covering science at the British Science Festival in Aberdeen, writing for the Irish Times.

Authored Newspaper and Print Media

* marks items I pitched myself

Irish Times – Home, International and Online Editions

*Science Today feature panel: From astronomy to building harbour walls.11th October 2012
*Science Today feature article: Medical marvels from space.11th October 2012
Ireland News: Experts look into gap between sight and understanding. 7th September 2012
Ireland News: Solar activities and eruptions affecting Earth technology. 6th September 2012
Ireland News: Mobile gadgets assisting older people and disabled at home. 5th September 2012
Ireland News: A physical and emotional approach to learning. 5th September 2012
*Science Today small print: Record-breaking laser 1,000 times faster.30th August 2012
*Science Today feature panel: Dutch company has reality TV plan for contestants on Mars. 30th August 2012
*Science Today feature article: What if the Mars rover does find proof of life? 30th August 2012
*Ireland News: Butterfly species in decline due to climate change. 22nd August 2012

Irish Times Online Edition

Breaking News: Fish oil ‘combats’ elderly muscle loss. 5th September 2012